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on trial. we are in the final moments of this trial, everyone. sanford city manager took the stand today and the questions focused on one single event central here. it's a private meeting. and the 911 audio tapes that you have heard so much of that are at the core of this entire case from the night trayvon martin was killed were played for the martin family. >> who was present? >> the mayor, the martin family, and the attorneys, mr. crump and miss jackson. and trayvon's brother and then another individual i don't know his name. >> was there any law enforcement present? >> no. >> no law enforcement present but officials, politicians. "out front's daryl parks, an attorney for trayvon martin's family and our legal analyst mark nejame is still with us. i want to ask you a question and get reaction. boneparte question about the 911 call, you say it points to what went wrong in the handling of this case. when you say that, what specifically do you mean? >> well, look, any proper police practice would be not to go ahead and have a mass of people around somebody when they are going to be a criti
testimony as it relates to the case against george zimmerman. we're back live from sanford after this. ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. >>> welcome back live in sanford, florida, at the seminole county criminal justice center. i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live on the george zimmerman murder trial. witness number one in front of the jury, anyway, is dr. vincent di maio. he's on the stand and this guy wrote the book about csi and forensic pathology. let's see where he gets and how far he gets. let's go live. >> followed by the bullet and then followed by the soot or the burning powder behind it. >> right. and that's why blanks, people think blank cartridges are dangerous -- are not dangerous. you can kill yourself with them. if you take a gun with a blank cartridge and put it against your chest, the gas formed will just tear right through your skin and muscle into your lung. and people, you know, kid around and will put it to their head. they cou
to the sanford police department the morning of the 28th? >> yes. >>> i'm jake tapper. you're watching live coverage of the trayvon martin murder trial. the defense has called trayvon's father, tracy to the stand. >> and officers had come to your house on the 27th and told you that your son was dead, right? first they wanted to verify that that was your son, in terms of he didn't have an i.d. with him so they wanted for you to verify that he was the person that they found out in the courtyard at twin lakes where brandy green lived, right? >> correct. >> and i gather you went and got a picture of your son just to show them who your son was, or did they show you a picture of the person who at that time was described as an unknown person in the courtyard, they showed you a picture of a body on the ground, correct? >> objection, your honor. may we approach? >> yes. >> there's been an objection and the two lawyers are approaching the bench right now. i want to bring in christopher darden, and diane tennis. chris, what do you think of the trial so far today? it seems as though there have been som
a moment of the testimony here in sanford, florida. it has been a riveting day. science was in the spot light. sometimes it is difficult to cross examine science. these are good prosecutors. we had one prosecutor stand up and take vincent di maio to task, the grand daddy of all forensic scientists in this country. vincent di maio went head to head. coming up after the break we will see what happened. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ]
forensics and who was where when when the final shot hit martin. george howell reports from sanford. >> i'm not getting into this, court is at recess. i will give my ruling in the morning. >> reporter: court went a little later than expected tuesday. judge debra nelson, the prosecution and defense rangeled late into the night, 10:00 p.m., over whether to admit text messages and photos from trayvon martin's phone and a computer-animated depiction of the crime scene. judge nelson questioned whether martin actually sent the messages or someones. defense attorney don west argued that the texts and photos weren't turned over by the prosecution in a timely manner. after hours of arguing, the judge didn't rule on either issue. adjourned court and walked off. flashback to tuesday morning. famed forensic pathologist dr. vincent di maio took the stand after evidence presented to him by the defense, di maio reached this conclusion. >> if you lean over somebody, you'll notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if, instead, you're lying on your back, somebody shoots you, the clothing
the defense planned to rest wednesday. martin savidge, cnn, sanford, florida. >> that may depend on how the judge rules tomorrow morning. let's bring back in our panel. jeff, just -- we talked about this in the 8:00 hour. that last witness that martin savidge talked about that the defense brought in by video, the neighbor that testified that was george zimmerman's voice, does that have much credibility? how many neighbors know what you sound like when you're screaming? >> no, i can't imagine that will have any significant impact on the jury. but boy, that expert who testified that trayvon martin was on top, that's a powerful witness. and at this point, i think it's going to be hard for the prosecution to argue that any way that george zimmerman was on top. there's really almost no argument left. and you saw that in the cross-examination that basically they were saying even if he's on top, he might still be -- zimmerman might have thrown the first punch. but i think the defense has really proved that trayvon martin was on top here. i think it's almost settled. >> and the interesting thin
of a controlled substance in trayvon martin's blood. cnn's george howell is live in sanford, florida, with more on this. good morning, george. >> reporter: kate, good morning. so we now know that this jury will hear about marijuana levels that were in trayvon martin's system. this, after a list of what seemed to be character witnesses who testified that it was george zimmerman screaming for help. the defense put trayvon martin's own father on the stand to help make that case. one after another after another, defense witnesses hammered home the same answer when asked who was screaming on this 911 call. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> all right, what is your -- >> do you know whose voice that is in the background screaming? >> yes, definitely, it's giorgi. >> i thought it was george. >> when i heard the tape my immediate reaction was that's george screaming for help. >> whose voice is it? >> george zimmerman's voice. >> there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that it's george zimmerman. and i wish to god i did not have that ability to understand that. >> it was john donnelly's testim
is covering the trial for us. he's in sanford florida, together with cnn legal analyst together with former federal prosecutor sunny hostin and martin is joining us from miami. martin, this is all very dramatic and at least the sense was that the defense managed to counter some of the impressions left the other day when trayvon martin's mother and brother testified. they insisted that that voice screaming on that 911 call was the voice of trayvon martin. >> well, again, this was another really remarkable moment, wolf, inside of that courtroom. think about it. you have tracy martin, the father, who is called to the witness stand and questioned by the attorney who is defending the man who killed tracy martin's son. that's of course trayvon martin. so that unto itself sets up the drama. but then you have the issue of a father that is now, as you just pointed out, there were two detectives that took the stand and said unequivocally that they heard tracy martin when they asked him whose voice that was calling 911, that was your son, they heard him say no. but then you heard the father come on an
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emotional time, i'm talking about the day the recording was played for you at the sanford police department, correct in. >> correct. >> and as you described you pulled your chair back and in disbelief you were listening to voices for help and also more importantly the shot. >> that's correct. >> you realized of that the shot -- >> that killed my son, yes. >> did you really know what to do at that point? >> no, i was -- my world was from that point until today, my world has just been turned upside down. >> you know, sunny, all of us are watching this trial on television don't see what you see because you're in the courtroom. how did the jury respond? do you think they took tracy martin's testimony at face value, that was he was in denial the first time he heard that phone call? >> absolutely. i think of all of witnesses that have testified about trayvon martin's voice, he seemed to be the most compelling. his sadness was so palpable. he's clearly in so much grief. these very elegant on the witness stand and the jury was with him. they were leaning forward. within of the jurors just had her h
the courtroom in sanford, florida. you can see the live pic. they're on a lunch break. they'll be back shortly. testimony set to resume any moment. this is george zimmerman's murder trial. we'll take you back to the courtroom as soon as that starts. >>> most emotional testimony we heard so far in the trial has come from, in doubt, the family members. both from the victims as well as the defense. you might think the jurors give special consideration to the family's systtestimony, right? doesn't always work that way. >> reporter: duelling testimony from mothers on both sides over just who was screaming during the 911 call. >> that screaming or yelling do you recognize that? >> yes. >> who do you recognize that to be? >> trayvon benjamin martin's. >> do you know whose voice that was? >> yes, sir. >> whose voice was that? >> my son, george. >> reporter: during emotional trials family members are star witnesses. put on the stand for their sometimes emotional and personal insight in hopes of gaining favor with the jury. the question is, is it effective? sometimes yes and sometimes no. >> a lot of ti
into day 11. george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> another big day ahead. 20 minutes after the hour. >>> as pranks go, this was cruel or absolutely brilliant. you make the call. the video shows the prankster arranging to have his sleeping girlfriend wake up to the sight of a ghost coming out of the tv set. he spent weeks designing a public replica. this seems like a wonderful idea. check out the reaction. >> oh, no. poor thing. that's awful. >> so, as you can see, the girlfriend was so scared, the boyfriend had to stop her from running out of the house. i say boyfriend, it may be former boyfriend. >> i think it's grounds for separation and butt kicking. >> everyone loves a joke. >> do you know how traumatizing that would be in the middle of the night? poor thing. she needs a hug. >>> a shake up for barnes & noble. what's up next for the struggling bookstore giant. the great outdoors, and a great deal. grrrr ahhh let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at [ male announcer ] with everyone on the go this summer, now's the p
savidge, cnn, sanford, florida. >> want to dig deeper with our panelist. sunny hostin, marcia clark. and the defense table, danny savalos and mark geragos. and dr. lawrence kobalanski. mark, just about that neighbor who testified, do you think anybody buys that? if some neighbor of mine testified about what my voice sounds like when i'm screaming, how would a neighbor know this? >> you know, there's a more cynical view as to why they played that neighbor's video in court today. and i'm not going to inflame what is already an inflammatory situation. i don't think anybody is saying this is the ultimate in terms of a piece of evidence that they put on. i have to say that i'm a little cynical about this. >> sunny, what about you? how do you think it played in the courtroom? does it make any sense to you? >> not really. it's sort of the law of diminishing returns now. when you have george zimmerman's mother and uncle saying those are his cries for help on that tape, i think that's okay. even if you have some close friends saying okay, you know, those were his cries. now you have everybod
't. and the sanford police department, when they do an investigation like this, look at the individual that they are interrogating, they had mr. zimmerman for six hours. he had complied with every request that they wanted, all the interviews they wanted. had they asked him for a blood test, he would have given it, the police have responded to that criticism by saying, look, we request drug screens when they seem to be appropriate, is there any indication whatsoever that the person might be impaired, and in george zimmerman's case, there's no evidence, or indication whatsoever that he might have been impaired. on the other hand, trayvon martin's toxicology, every deceased person who goes to the medical examiner has blood pulled and toxicology is run. >> to some of the more difficult exchanges between you and trayvon martin's grieving parents it can't be easy to be an attorney in your position to cross examine without the witness. >> you didn't listen to ben crump on the 27th or 28th? he wasn't your attorney on that day? >>, he wasn't. >> later did you instruct him to say police lied whe
of eliot spitzer was on tv this morning. i have no problem watching sanford and weiner, why not me? i mean, do you think there was a little bit of that? why not john edwards? >> well, exactly. you know, there's been a -- the bar has been lowered on sex scandals, i have to admit to being a fan of weiner and spitzer, i think i would like to run to new york and run both of those campaigns, so i can say hi, it's stephanie calling from weiner-spitzer. i think you raise a good point that honestly, you know, is falling in love with a mistress or impregnating the nanny in your bed worse than this? probably. certainly other people have been forgiven. and i happen to think he's a smart guy, and he's been great on financial stuff, including wall street and he's well suited for this job. >> the problem is, this is a crime he prosecuted, he declared a war on johns and turns around and does this. >> the hypocrisy. >> at least we have one bipartisan thing, sex scandals, the one thing they're doing is bipartisan. >> that's good to know, men will be men as some would say. >> these happen to be all men. i'm
in sanford, florida, you can see attorney mark o'mara and daniel schumaker making his case, explaining exactly what he does to the judge. the judge, we expect, will rule and decide whether this jury will see that computer animation that he created of the shooting on february 28, 2012. wolf, there was another big ruling that came in yesterday, that the judge decided evidence of marijuana in trayvon martin's system, that it will be allowed as evidence in this case. now, just a few minutes ago, i spoke with daryl parks, he's the attorney who represents the martin family, about what that could mean to this case. let's listen. >> well, i think there's a problem, and i think if you listen to some of the statements that were made in court, there were traces of marijuana found in his system, some marijuana found in his system. you don't know what the real effect of it was. what it tends to do, though, once the jury hears it, they will probably be more prejudicial about it being in the case and the value will not be as great. it will tend to mislead them and clout their judgment as a jury, so i
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)